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Energy Efficient LED Lighting Systems

A cost effective way to keep your business illuminated

A brighter, more efficient way to lighting your business premises

It is probably safe to say that many businesses across the UK are still using traditional gas or filament bulbs. Is your company amongst them? 

What you may not realise is that, unfortunately, these older bulbs are proving to be extremely expensive to run. Even those bulbs considered ‘energy saving’ don’t actually give you much in the way of cost cutting.

It’s one key reason why so many firms are taking up LEDs (light emitting diodes) instead. LED bulbs, strip lights and spotlights are quickly becoming the go-to choice for companies (and homes) looking to save on illumination.

However, there is a raft of further benefits to switching to LED, too! The team at Naylor’s Electrical will always be on hand to help you move to this brighter, more efficient way of lighting the way.

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What are the benefits of LED lighting systems?

There are plenty of great reasons why we at Naylor’s Electrical always recommend LED lighting. These include:

  • They will save you money. LED lights are proven to use less energy, and therefore, you will always spend less on your electricity bills.
  • They are eco-friendly. LEDs emit very little carbon and, as mentioned, use very little energy compared to standard bulbs.
  • They last for a long time. Traditional bulbs may burn out after only a few months to a year depending on the manufacturer and your usage. The best LEDs can last for up to 70,000 hours of constant use!
  • They are safer. Traditional gas and glass bulbs are, unfortunately, always at risk of exploding and shattering under duress. LEDs, however, offer a much lower safety risk.
  • They are endlessly versatile. There’s more than one type or style of LED fitting. Why not get in touch with the team at Naylor’s to learn more?

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