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Commercial Electrical Services

We offer a wide range of commercial electrical contractor services

Why do I need a commercial electrical installation and maintenance company?

Having a reliable electrical contractor on hand to help with any emergency repairs is vital in today's fast-moving business world. If you cannot get your power back up and running quickly, it can cost you money! We have a wealth of training and expertise to handle all types of electrical problems, including power outages, lighting issues, electrical panel upgrades/replacements, circuit breaker replacements, new construction wiring and commercial lighting installations, among many others.

It is crucial to have a robust electrical fault finding process when trying to get power back up and running quickly and effectively. At Naylors Electrical, we are proud of our ability to identify the root cause of any problem in your business premises with minimal disruption to you, your customers and your employees. We will work closely with you to ensure that all possible causes for an outage are identified before making recommendations on how best to resolve them.

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Can you help me with my commercial electrical problems?

Our team takes a keen approach to problem-solving. Even if you have the most complex or large-scale electrical woes in the region, we’ll always take on a challenge. You should never handle electrical concerns on your own. 

Not only is it a potential health and safety hazard, you can only ever be sure you’re getting the best fix with a qualified expert on standby.

If you’re having difficulty managing your access control or would like a new way to monitor your premises at close quarters, we have a huge range of options available. 

Not only are we well-versed in handling decades-old commercial wiring and installations, but we’re also in a prime position to recommend the latest and best-reviewed brands on the market.

Need help with a commercial electrical problem? Want to upgrade your office or warehouse? Take a look at our services page and reach out for more information.

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