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Intruder Alarm Systems

For complete protection of your business premises

What are the benefits of installing a full intruder alarm system

A complete security system is a vital part of any business premises. Installing an intruder alarm is an essential part of this security system.

As the store owner or property manager, the alarm receiving centre will alert you to any suspicious activity and helps to prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

The major benefits to an alarm system are:

  • You can be sure your premises are always secure
  • You can immediately deter wrongdoing
  • You can contact authorities right away
  • You won't have to be on site
  • You can rest assured your on-site assets are always protected

At Naylor's Electrical, we offer a range of alarm system installations suitable for commercial, retail and industrial buildings and optimised for any risk level.

You will get a full risk assessment and security survey of your premises before we install any intruder alarm panels. Naylor's will ensure the correct set up of motion sensors, power supply, and detection devices to keep your property and business safe.

An intruder alarm system usually includes a control panel, motion detectors, pressure mats, door contacts, and customisable components to suit your specifications. The alarm equipment will trigger an audible siren and flashing lights when someone unauthorised enters your premises while also notifying the alarm monitoring services.

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Why install a burglar alarm and how can they affect your insurance?

Intruder alarm systems are the most effective way to protect commercial, retail, and industrial premises. Especially when these buildings, shops and warehouses contain extremely valuable equipment and goods. Sensors will trigger an alarm when they detect movement near your property.

How will a burglar alarm affect my insurance cover?
Depending on your provider, if you install an intruder alarm on your business premises, you may save money on your insurance premiums since the alarm helps to reduce the risk of your property being broken into. Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts for burglar alarm users, but only if the alarm system is monitored by a professional alarm or security company. As this isn't guaranteed, it is always worth speaking with your insurance company to determine if any savings can be made and what kind of system they recommended. We are on hand to help with this in any way you need us to.

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