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Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire Alarm Installations throughout the UK

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Engineers

We are a highly reputable business with decades of experience in fire alarm maintenance and installation and other fire detection and safety systems. We provide fire alarm installation, servicing, and repair across a wide range of fire alarms, including wireless fire alarm systems, conventional fire alarm systems, and notifier fire alarm systems. We ensure that our commercial, retail, and industrial clients have adequate levels of safety by installing automatic detection systems for their buildings.

We aim to provide you with an efficient service at competitive prices to help you meet your legal requirement.

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Experienced Fire Alarm Systems Engineers

We are a complete fire alarm design, installation, and commissioning business and can ensure that your fire alarm system is compliant with both BS5838 part 1 and BS5839 part 6.

Fire alarm systems of all types and sizes are our speciality. We have many years of experience servicing, repairing, and maintaining them.

What are the benefits of the different fire alarm systems available?

Businesses can use fire alarms to alert people in a building that there is an emergency. They may also provide information about what type of emergency it is and where they should go for help. There are many types of fire alarm devices:

Smoke detectors - These can be dual sensor smoke alarms or optical smoke detector. Both types detect smoke or other gases which indicate a fire has started. Suppose you have one smoke detection circuit per floor of your building, and they are interconnected smoke alarms. In that case, if any detector goes off, everyone within the building will know immediately.

CO2 & carbon monoxide monitors - CO2 levels rise when fires start because it burns at high temperatures and produces carbon monoxide gas. For this reason, we always recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector as well. The monitor detects changes in the level of CO2 in the air and sounds an alert.

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