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Data and network cabling installation

An essential requirement for any modern business

Is your network cabling fit for purpose?

All modern businesses need a comprehensive data cabling infrastructure that can support their needs and the services that they require.

These include having access to:

  • A reliable and secure internet connection
  • A backup power source for when the grid goes down
  • High internet speeds (ideally via fibre optic cabling) capable of uploading video content quickly

Booking a complete and proper network cable installation is absolutely essential to ensure a solution to all of these potential problems. If you are looking for data network infrastructures that will future-proof your needs as a business owner, Naylor's Electrical can provide you with the perfect solution.

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What are there Benefits of using Structured Cabling?

A wired network or ethernet network is a collection of data cabling that connects different computers and electronic devices to each other. The structured cabling services that we offer involve organising the cables in a structured way so that network traffic can flow smoothly and efficiently.

The process of installing data and network cabling in an office block can be very complex. There are many different factors to think about and the process needs to be done in a certain order, hence the need to use a expert like ourselves who can offer proffessional cable installation services.

We're highly experienced in offering a network cabling service that is second to none and which will adhere to all industry standards.  Whether your business needs a completely brand new cabling solution, or a revamp of your current network, we have the knowledge, expertise, and cost effective solutions to help.

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