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Access Control Systems

Providing business owners with ultimate peace of mind and control over who is entering their building

What is a door access control system?

The three most common access control solutions are card-based, electronic keypad and biometric, all of which commonly integrate into your intruder alarm.

Card-based access control
Access control card-based systems (also called fob door access systems) are the most straightforward physical access control. They consist of a reader that reads an ID or other information from a physical object, such as a magnetic stripe on a credit/debit style access card, and then compares it to data stored in memory within the system.

The comparison determines whether the person attempting to gain entry has permission. If they don't have permission, they will not be allowed access through the door, and the control system will lock the door until someone with proper access levels and authorisation unlocks it.

Keypad access control
The second most common form is electronic keypad access control systems. These systems use a numeric or alphanumeric code to identify the user and allow employees or other personnel to gain entry into an area, building, room, etc.

The facility owner/operator usually assigns the codes and can be changed at any time by someone with the appropriate authority.

Biometric access control
And finally, the third most common access control system in the UK is biometric, which involves using a fingerprint or retinal scan to identify an individual and grant them access to their property. It's not as secure as other methods.

Still, it does have some advantages over standard keys in that biometrics are more convenient than key-based locks because they don't require you to carry around physical objects with you all of the time.

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Experts in access control installation and maintenance

Generally, door access control, also known as electronic locks or e-locks, allow you to open and close your doors remotely or use more advanced forms of access card technology. The benefits of using access control products within the commercial, retail, or industrial premises can be huge. They can minimise the number of security risks, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.

Naylor's Electrical are experts in access control installation and maintenance, providing our customers with the most appropriate access control options to suit their specific needs. We can provide a full range of services from initial design, planning, and specification to commissioning and ongoing support.

Our experienced team will advise you on which type of access control solution is best suited to meet your requirements.

We encourage all of our clients to implement an effective access control system to take advantage of its many benefits, including
• Increased security for your business premises
• Improved employee productivity through increased efficiency at workstations
• Reduced risk of theft or vandalism
• Better protection against fire & smoke damage

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